Presenting Clinical and Translational Science (PCATS) Video Series

steve-grambow-kevin-weinfurtWhether defending a graduate thesis, giving a research conference, grand rounds or even a guest lecture in someone’s class, researchers in academic medicine are often called on to give presentations. For some, this skill comes naturally—for others, it must be learned. If you fall into the latter category, or you’d simply like to improve your current skill set, a recently launched video series could be just the thing to help you perfect your presentation skills.

Kevin Weinfurt, a faculty member of the DCRI and professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Duke University School of Medicine, and Steve Grambow, Vice-Chair of Education and Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University School of Medicine recently launched Presenting Clinical and Translational Science (PCATS), a series of videos that introduces principles and techniques for developing and delivering effective scientific presentations.

Weinfurt and Grambow, who both have a strong interest in the art of presentation, have been lecturing and presenting seminars together for more than a decade. The duo first presented the material that would eventually become the PCATS series at the Duke Professional Development Seminar Series in June, 2011. The response to that material was so positive, they decided it would be good to share it with a wider audience.

Below are individual links to the entire series as well as a link to the YouTube playlist—and for more information on PCATS, visit the website.

Introduction to PCATS video series

Section 1 — Telling Your Story: Principles and techniques for effective scientific storytelling. (7:25)
Section 2 — Creating Slides: Minimalism and robust slide design. (12:39)
Section 3 — Presenting Data: Three simple principles for presenting data effectively. (10:47)
Section 4 — Giving Your Presentation: Preparation, speaking tips, and handling questions. (8:48)

To visit the entire series playlist on YouTube, click here.